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Mobile poker has become one of the fastest growing niches of online poker. There are currently many people that think about mobile poker to be the future of how to play poker online.

The advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Poker

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Mobile poker has become one of the fastest growing niches of online poker. There are currently many people that think about mobile poker to be the future of how to play poker online. The number of online poker rooms that are offering a mobile poker software version is growing fast. While just a few years ago, there were only a couple of them available, their number is going up at an incredibly high rate.

Due to the fact that there isn’t a mobile operating system which is dominant, investing in mobile poker software is most of the times both difficult and expensive. The vast majority of the mobile poker clients are usually compatible with the Android phones and tablets and the Apple iPhone/iPad.

The advantages of mobile poker

Accessibility – The mobile poker is definitely a breakthrough in this industry, especially thanks to the fact that you can play poker anytime, anywhere you are. You only need to have enough battery and a working internet connection and you can play poker with the hand held device.

Access to bonuses – Some online poker rooms will offer you special bonuses the moment you sign up for the mobile version. This way with the help of the mobile poker software you will have once again a rewarding experience.

Improved security – The mobile phones operating systems have always been a lot more secured compared to the average PC powered by Windows. This is the reason why playing mobile poker is definitely going to be a better experience in terms of security. The chances of having your smart phone compromised are very small.

Get the same great game collection – The todays mobile poker software has improved a lot and the game selection is also better. While in the past you could only play Texas Hold’em, you can now find other games like Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo. And PokerStars for example has recently launched the Zoom Poker for the mobile version of their software.

Mobile Poker Cashier – The mobile poker rooms will allow you to manage all your financial transactions straight from your mobile phone. This means that the cashier can be easily accessed straight from your phone and you can make deposits or cash out your winnings even when you are away from your PC.

Play just for fun – All mobile poker rooms currently have the option to play poker just of fun, with play money. This way you will not risk any of your hard earned money, you can practice and improve your poker skills and also you can have a lot of fun.

The disadvantages of mobile poker

Playing too much poker – Due to the fact that online poker is going to become very accessible to you, a lot of people will start playing poker a lot more. This is definitely not a problem for a winning poker player, but in case you lose, you should try not to play too much mobile poker or at least play with the money that you can afford to lose.

It’s harder to concentrate – Since mobile poker is most of the time played outside your house or office, you will most likely going to get distracted by all the noise and everything that is happening around you. This is the reason why you should know that most of the time it’s going to be a little bit harder to concentrate while playing mobile poker.

Small Screen – While playing mobile poker, unless you are playing it from a tablet, you are going to have a pretty small screen. This is the reason why we suggest that before you start playing mobile poker for real money; you should always make sure that you are familiar with the controls and the smaller screen.

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