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The world of online casinos is truly vast, and they always come with free bonuses and promotional offers. So, the question is, what types of different bonuses are there and which are the best?

Different types of casino game bonuses

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The world of online casinos is truly vast, and they always come with free bonuses and promotional offers. However, there's still debate about which companies provide the best service, as this is an essential factor for players wanting to commit days, months or even years through online gambling. Companies like Wink Bingo provide an enjoyable way for new players to get started and offer some excellent welcome bonuses and in-game bonuses. They provide numerous slot bonuses and boast a broad audience with review to match. Reputation is of paramount importance when players are wagering real money online.

So, the question is, what types of different bonuses are there and which are the best?

Welcome Bonus

This is the most common bonus type, and companies utilise this to draw in new players, in hopes of keeping them as a loyal customer. These bonuses usually consist of a complete 100% match form of whatever is placed as a bet. Some companies offer the full 100% match to the deposit, but it's almost always capped at a specific amount. For example, if you deposit 50 GBP, they will match your deposit, making the total 100 GBP.

However, players should be wary of welcome bonuses beyond the 200% mark, as these could come with withdrawal restrictions and a lot of small print. This often causes frustration amongst players, leading to bad reviews and loss of business.

No Deposit Bonus

These types of bonuses are specifically designed for the players so that they receive compensation at the casino, without the player even needing to deposit their cash. This draws a lot of new players in for obvious reasons, and it creates a more 'sticky' customer due to this lack of commitment type of bonus scheme. However, these bonuses tend to be around 10 GBP and won't be anything substantial, which is usually enough to get new players started.

However, like other methods listed here, it often comes with restrictions. Many of the online casinos will restrict the players withdrawing any money won by the free funds until they enter their own and place a bet.

On the other hand, wagering requirements are still often in-place for this type of thing. Certain games will not allow players to use any deposit bonuses, due to things like Blackjack having a low house edge.

Monthly Deposit Bonus

This is often referred to as loyalty bonuses, deposit bonuses and reloads bonuses and in a nutshell, it means you receive compensation every month. Casinos use this type of method to make their customers stay around and engaged for much longer (often years), making their return on investment worth it.

In addition to this, some casinos offer a monthly bonus that's dependent on your previous activity throughout the months. These monthly bonuses often aren't as high as specific welcome bonuses, by this can be dependent on how active you are.

Payment Method Bonuses

Many online casinos offer vast ranges of banking methods for the player to make deposits and withdraw their funds. This method is used by online casinos who want their players to use specific payment methods and will offer the bonuses as incentives to draw them into using it. However, these types of bonuses aren't used very commonly.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

A small number of online casinos (often the larger ones) want to target their 'higher deposit' players, as it makes them play more. These types of players are known as high rollers, whales or even VIP's and the bonuses grow dependent on the deposit amount. High rollers are often offered perks and incentives like sporting events tickets, so many of the other welcome bonuses aren't exactly appealing to them.

Refer a Friend Bonus

This is one of the main methods online casinos use to grow their player base and make money over a reoccurring period. By offering existing players the chance to earn a bonus, from simple referring a friend, is a great incentive.

Free Spins

This type of bonus seems to be drastically growing in popularity, and that's for a good reason. If a player wins an amount from a free spin, the chance of them returning and spending more significant amounts of money is heightened. This method is often marketed to players to sample their group slots or unique video slots.


These different bonuses that online casinos offer can be overwhelming for the newer players, but they're the most effective methods that can be used. I mean, what better feeling than winning money from something that you've invested nothing in?

It's safe to say these online gambling companies provide players with many different ways to get involved and spend their money, and they're rewarded for It too. They provide every type of player with enough options to satisfy their betting needs and do everything in their power to keep them coming back to place more bets.

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