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Full Tilt Poker holds the title as “the most innovative poker room” and we will try to explain what does the title “most innovative poker room” mean. The special promotions spice up the game and make it more interesting.

The Ongoing Promotions at Full Tilt Poker

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The true connoisseurs of the online poker industry are informed that Full Tilt Poker is among the most popular virtual play rooms, although because of the legal regulations you cannot meet players from USA, France and the other bigger countries there. Since its foundation, the image of this poker room rested on the participation of professional poker players, some of them the founders of the room, so the same access was established even when the rival PokerStars took over the business during 2012. The new owners have provided security in the work and have got ten back the trust of the players, but it is a fact that the promotions that made Full Tilt Poker famous have continued also.

The tournaments that were a trademark of FTP continue to be a part of the players choice, including the ones with a guaranteed prize pool, such as $350K every week or $1K every Saturday. When we consider the choice of other tournaments, and also the Sunday Brawl with a knockout system or the Little Big Tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of 50,000 dollars, whose format allows more than one registration from one player, it is clear that PokerStars is trying to strengthen the current sister company business as they have feared their rivals in the past.

Full Tilt Poker holds the title as “the most innovative poker room” and we will try to explain what does the title “most innovative poker room” mean. The special promotions spice up the game and make it more interesting. The “Welcome package” offers a $600 bonus, which in fact doubles the score that has been entered in the first three placements of bets, or offers a $1 bonus for each dollar bet, up to the limit of $600. The bonus is not automatically available, but it is awarded to the users account if points are scored from the given table, which stimulates the players to fight for it (25 points for one dollar). Part of the welcome package are the tournaments for players that have made the first deposit, so they gain 10 accesses to the tournament’s First Deposit Freeroll with a prize pool of 5,000 dollars. The last bet in the package is an entrance to a tournament with which you can participate in the everyday tournaments that are open 24 hours a day.

The welcome package is received automatically after you download the software, set up your account and make your first deposit!

Full Tilt Poker offers even more chances to get real money only with your participation, by accumulating points. There are five player status levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond) that is based on a rolling average of Full Tilt Points earned per day. With Full Tilt Edge promotion you add money to your account, in the amount from $1 to $2.5 for every 100 Full Tilt Points, and the higher the status, the more money you earn. The payoff is done weekly. When the diamond status is reached, you can change the Full Tilt Points for Diamond Edge cash bonus, but this level, as with the others, must be maintained because if the level of points normally gained drops, you will drop to a lower status level. That is why this promotion has the basic status, because together with the Welcome package, it is based on the direct action from the players.

Other promotions also contribute to the innovative image. Every week there is a Game of the Week, which is interesting for the player because of the opportunity to gain double Full Tilt Points. Additionally, during the week, Satellite tournaments are organized, where you can gain entrance to the $10,000 guaranteed Big Game of the Week tournament.

Double Full Tilt Poker points are gained also with Early Bird registration to the tournaments, for the first two players to register in a 6-man Sit & Go, the first three players to register in a 8-man or 9-man Sit & Go, or the first six players to register in an 18-man Sit & Go.

The Top Up offer refers to the personalized bonus that is gained when you open the software and log on to the game, but you’ll have 21 days to release your bonus money by earning the required number of Full Tilt Points.

The Little Big Tournament is one of the promotions of Full Tilt Poker where you can turn a buy-in of $2 into a massive award, and multiple entries are allowed.

The prize pool is $50,000 and the tournament is held at the end of each month.

The the Micro Turbo Online Poker Series (MTOPS) tops the offer, and it consists of 75 different events during 15 days, with an overall prize pool of two million dollars. In this series there are tournaments with a prize pool of 10,000 dollars for beginners, a tournament with a fund of 100,000 dollars and the main event with the prize pool of one million dollars.

Check out the site to learn more about the ongoing and limited time promos at Full Tilt.

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