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Full Tilt Poker has decided that miniFTOPS isn’t small enough. They have now come out with MTOPS - Micro Turbo Online Poker Series.

Full Tilt Poker MTOPS Poker Series

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Full Tilt Poker has decided that miniFTOPS isn’t small enough. They have now come out with MTOPS (Micro Turbo Online Poker Series). This online poker tournament series will feature 75 events and the combined prize pool will be at least $2,000,000. Not bad for just micro and low stake tournaments.

The tournament series will begin on June 9th and run until June 23rd. There are about 5 events running each day with buy-ins between $0.50 and the $14 main event with a $1,000,000 prize pool. Each of the events can be entered multiple times. Usually between 2 and 6 entries can be purchased.

Added Value

There is plenty of added value in each MTOPS tournament. First of all each MTOPS event will award extra prizes, such as cash bonuses up to $500, MiniFTOPS Main Event tournament tickets, or exclusive MTOPS merchandise.

Every player who gets to the final table of an MTOPS tournament will also receive an exclusive MTOPS t-shirt. If you win an MTOPS event you receive an MTOPS jacket and exclusive MTOPS avatar.


There is also a leaderboard with some big prizes attached. The top finisher on the leaderboard will win over $1,900 in tourney entries including an entry to every MiniFTOPS XXIII event and a buy-in to the FTOPS XXIII Main Event!

Second and third place will also get tournament tickets to every event in the next MiniFTOPS, valued about about $1300.

The top 72 finishers of each event earn points towards the leaderboard. First place gets 200 points and 72nd gets 1 point. Check out the leaderboard to see the full list of points.

Multi-Entry Challenge

There is another leaderboard with the same prizes as the first. This leaderboard awards chips for the number of cashes you earn in each tournament. For example, if you cash twice in a tournament you earn 1 chip. If you cash three times in a tournament you earn three chips. This continues up to if you can cash 6 times in one event then you earn 20 chips!

This is a great challenge and it definitely makes it worth while for you to buy-in for the maximum number of entries in each event.

MTOPS is a great tournament series for low stake players. If you don’t have a Full Tilt account check out our step by step download guide and also our Full Tilt Poker bonus pages. You can make a deposit and clear your bonus while playing in these MTOPS events!

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