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If you’re a poker novice or you’re good but not good enough to win many hands then maybe some poker tips would come in handy and allow you to start playing more like a pro.

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If you’re new to poker or you feel you’ve never quite got the hang of the rules then why not try Texas holdem poker. Texas holdem has soared in popularity since 2000’s due to it’s featuring on TV, the Internet and popular literature. Its popularity stems from the fact that its so simple that anyone can grasp it; the rules make it the most simplest of poker games to learn. You can learn to play Texas holdem poker in a couple of minutes, and within a couple of hours you could be playing pretty well.

If you’re a poker novice or you’re good but not good enough to win many hands then maybe some poker tips would come in handy. There is much information written on poker in popular literature, online and even TV series, which are, designed specifically to help people learn the basics of the game.

It is the best way to begin your poker career by playing online poker as it offers a great deal of instruction on different aspects such as dealing, betting and determining who has the best hand. You can find a wide variety of play money games where you can practice for free until you feel you’re good enough to start wagering bets on real money games. Access to the World Series of Poker can be gained through online poker playing, and amateurs such as Chris Moneymaker winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker tournament show that anyone can make it.

The top tip to remember for every beginner or amateur is not to play too many hands. Whilst you may want to keep playing to get as much experience as possible, if you have a lousy hand you’re not going to win. The real objective of a game of Texas Holdem poker is not to win every single hand. The idea is to make the correct mathematically correct decisions on whether to bet, raise or fold depending on the hand you do have and how likely it is that you will win that round. 

If you enjoy a drink whilst playing a stressful game of poker remember always to keep to your limits. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and gives you the mindset of ‘what the hell’ meaning you could quite simple blow away all your. A bit of alcohol in low stake games is fine but in a casino keep your chips close to your chest.

If you have a pretty bad hand and you’ve put quite a bit of money in the pot you may want to stay in simple because of the amount of money you’ve gambled. However that is never a good idea and you could end up losing a lot more then you gain. Anything you put in the pot isn’t your money anymore it’s money you’ve gambled so fold if you know you’ve been beaten!

If you’re upset or you haven’t had a good day at work the best idea is to stay away from gambling. You will tend to think more with your emotions then with your mind and you won’t play your best game of poker.

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