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How to play American Football Poker

How to play American Football Poker

American Football poker is a different variation of the game, where players win based on points rather than based on the highest poker hand as in the traditional versions.

Celebrity Poker Players

Celebrity Poker Players

The sheer volume of Hollywood stars who partake in the poker game is staggering. But, if you earned the money they did, you would have to put it somewhere.

About poker

About poker

Online poker has taken the game to new heights over the past decade, taking poker from live tables into a power house, and a ten billion dollar a year industry.

Poker rules

Though, it may seem daunting to beginners; the reason for the game's global success is because of how easy it is to learn. As the old saying goes, "it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master".

Poker Strategy

Great poker players are not born overnight, even the best poker players in the world usually started out as losing recreational players before they became poker superstars.

Online poker

Picking an online poker room is not as uncomplicated as choosing the fist one you hear about from a friend. It is for this reason that we focus in selecting only the best poker rooms.

Poker terms

Rules of poker games are relatively easy to learn and should not pose any problems. It is a specific language that can be a bit problematic for a new player.

How to start playing poker

You have decided you want to play poker online. For those who have never played online before, it can be an exciting moment as the virtual cards hit the felt for the first time.

Poker for free

You can start your poker adventure without depositing any money. There are online rooms that offer tens of thousands of dollars worth of freerolls every month.

Best online poker rooms