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Typically tight poker is the opposite style employed by most new players. Any halfway experienced player knows that in small stakes poker a tight style is the way to go.

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Typically tight poker is the opposite style employed by most new players. They've seen poker on TV and they want a piece of the action. Heck, if Gus Hansen can win with 83 offsuit then so can they!

Any halfways experienced player knows that in small stakes poker a tight style is the generally the way to go. What many new, aspiring poker players fail to realize is that while tight poker is good, you need to mix it with aggression in order to be successful. A tight aggressive game is often the best approach to take in poker, but many players forget the aggressive part and instead play weak tight poker.

A weak tight player is one that has tight starting hand requirements, but is very weak in betting or raising their hands. They remember all of those times their aces got cracked or that time they flopped a straight and someone rivered a flush, and now (mistakenly) feel that they should only risk their chips when they are positive that they have the best hand.

Heck, a lot of weak tight players won't bet or raise unless they have the stone cold nuts! What these weak tight poker players fail to realize is that in order to win at poker you have to be willing to risk losing.

It can be heard numer o times a weak tight player at the casino say "Oh, I never raise preflop. Pocket aces can still lose and I'd rather not put in the extra bet until I see a flop". Then after they see the flop and it comes down 882, they justify checking, or just calling, by saying, "He could have easily had an 8! No sense in throwing my chips away".

These players just cannot grasp the idea that risking their chips when they most likely have an advantage will lead to them winning more money in the long run. Yeah, there will be plenty of times they will lose a pot, or even have a losing session, but by playing mathematically correct and a tight aggressive game they will be winners long term.

Another way to think of it is with a baseball analogy. Babe Ruth often hit the most home runs in a season which lead him to be widely considered the best player in the game. What many people forget is that he also often lead the league in strike outs. While you might "strike out" often, by picking your spots and swinging for the fences at the right times (and often) you will hit a home run (or at least get to 2nd base!) more than your fair share.

Playing an aggressive, tight poker game will not only allow you to get full value for your hands but it will also gain you control over the hand. That's what makes playing a weak tight game so dangerous. This weak style not only makes the player predictable and easy to read, but it opens the door for aggressive players to take control and push them around.

If you think my description of a weak tight poker player sounds like you then strongly consider changing your game. Take some chances and stop worrying about the last bad beat you took. Who cares if your pocket aces got cracked when that other guy hit his 3 outer. If you push the envelope get your money in when you have the best of it you will be a winner in the long run. And long term success is what it's all about!

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