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Information about rakeback

Americas Cardroom Rakeback & VIP Program

Americas Cardroom is a top heavy reward system. Unless you are regular player generating hundreds or thousands of rake each month it will be more lucrative to choose rakeback over VIP rewards.

What Is A Rakeback?

Rakeback is a refund awarded to the players from the rake taken by the poker room. In essence, if you have to rake $1,000 and the poker room’s rakeback rate is 25%, you will be given back $250.

Making money at poker

It's certainly true that one of the most exciting things about the game is the prospect of making good money, and even real good money, just by playing it.

PKR Rakeback

There is absolutely no reason not to take advantage of PKR rakeback. You receive 30% of the rake that you pay the poker room back for the life of your account.

PKR Rakeback Details

How Does PKR Calculate Rake? PKR uses the contributed method for calculating rakeback. This means that your rake is determined by the amount of money you actually contributed to the pot.

How does rakeback work

Rakeback is the amount of your rake that the poker room gives you back as a refund. Typically the refund is made at the beginning of the month for your rake in the previous month.

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