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Playing online Sit 'n' Go poker tournaments can be a really great way to start making a stable online income that could help you get rid of your day job in case you are going to play your cards right.

Stable Income Out of Sit and Go Tournaments

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Playing online Sit 'n' Go poker tournaments can be a really great way to start making a stable online income that could help you get rid of your day job in case you are going to play your cards right.

Many of the online poker players are making a deposit of $50 and just go ahead and hit the cash games, before they are ready or before they actually have the necessary skills to play poker for real money. This is the reason why only after a couple of minutes they manage to lose their bankroll. If this story sounds very familiar, you should now start playing Sit and Go Poker tournaments.

The Sit and Go poker tournaments are probably the best way to earn money out of your online poker games. Some of the best poker rooms in the world that are offering a great amount of SNG tournaments are PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, William Hill and Bodog. And thanks to the highly developed software they have you will get the chance to play at up to 10 or even more SNG tables at the same time. However you should start by playing at only one table and the moment you learn what you have to do to be a winning player you should move on to play at more than one table.

One of the basic tips that you should always have to take into consideration while playing Sit and Go tournaments is to be patient at the early stages of any tournaments. This means that during the first 20 hands played you should only play the premium hands and fold everything else. The blinds have no power to kill your stack at the early stage, so you must have patience in order to move on to the middle stage of the tournament. This is definitely the key of success and it will help you move on to the next level.

An usual online Sit and Go tournament will have the prizes divided like this:

- 1st place will take home 50%

- 2nd place 30%

- 3rd place 20%

Making a living out of playing poker online is the dream of any online poker enthusiast this is the reason why the competition at the tables is always rising. Here we are going to present you a short strategy guide that is going to help you improve your Sit and Go skills, so that you will get closer to your dream.

The SNG tournaments are made out of 3 different stages, where you have to adopt 3 different strategies:

Early Stage
The early stage of a Sit and Go poker tournament takes place when there are still 6-9 players left in the game and the most important thing you can take into consideration at this part of the game is to be patient. Most SNG players are going to fold their first 20 poker hands, unless they have a premium hand, and you should do the same. The reason why you should adopt this strategy is that there are many beginner players who are willing to put all in before the flop with some really terrible hands. If you are planning to play a lower stakes SNG you will definitely see this type of behavior.

The blinds you will have to pay during the early stage of a SNG tournament are so low that your stack is not going to be affected in case you fold all the first 20 hands. However in case you get some premium hand combination like AA, AK, KK or others that are considered to be premium hands you should play them, since your chances of winning with such hands are higher.

Middle Stage
During the middle stage, there are only between 4 and 6 players left in the game, so the next type of strategy that you have to adopt is to transform yourself from a tight player, which folds lots of hands into an aggressive player. This is the best strategy that you can use, since when it’s down to 4 players you can only be aggressive and be successful. It’s time to take advantage of the players that are left out in the game and start building up a stack that can assure you a place in the top 3. Remember that the first place will take home 50% of the prize pool, the 2nd 30% and the 3rd is going to take 20% of the prize.

Late Stage
Now that you have made it to the final stage, you probably already have managed to build a good stack. Your next mission is going to be to go for the 1st place.

In case you are the chip leader you will have to continue to play aggressive since this is the best way to keep your current position until the end of the Sit and Go tournament. Now that you have already managed to get a lot of the chips that were in the game you just have to outsmart the other 2 opponents that still are in the game. The moment you manage to do this, you can take the largest prize available and you will know that you are on the right track to start making a stable income out of your online Sit and Go poker games.

Now that you know what strategies you should adopt at each Sit and Go stages, you can finally improve your game so that you will out pass your opponents.

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