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Stan James has come out with a very unique and also extremely player friendly WSOP package promotion for the 2013 WSOP.  Basically they are offering risk free WSOP packages.

Stan James Risk Free WSOP Packages

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Stan James has come out with a very unique and also extremely player friendly WSOP package promotion for the 2013 WSOP. Basically they are offering risk free WSOP packages to any $1000, $1111 or $1500 2013 WSOP event. The crazy thing is they are entering you in these tournaments with no risk of your own. In other words you can’t lose.

Stan James Risk Free WSOP

How It Works

If you win a 2013 WSOP package by playing in any of the WSOP satellites offered at Stan James Poker you can choose to play in any of the events between $1000 and $1500. If you cash in the event then you keep the money that you make, which is standard.  However, if you bust out before the bubble then Stan James will refund you your buy-in for that event!

We should note that the risk free packages are only available for the first 100 WSOP package qualifiers at Stan James.

Stan James WSOP Package

The 2013 WSOP package you can win at Stan James is valued at €3,000. Here is what is included:

  • Entry into a $1000, $1111 or $1500 tournament in the 2013 WSOP.
  • 7 nights accommodation at the Palazzo hotel in Vegas. (if you win multiple packages you will receive $1300 cash instead of additional accommodation.)
  • Cash to be used for expenses. The amount you receive for this is $2500 minus your tournament entry.  So $1000 if you enter the $1500 tournament and so on.

If you are wondering, Stan James does allow players to purchase WSOP packages directly from them, but in order to qualify for the Risk Free WSOP package you must win it through a satellite at Stan James.


Stan James is basically providing up to $150,000 in value to their players (100 packages at $1500 maximum buy-in refund), which is remarkable. It will be more likely around $100,000 in refunds they will be handing out, but it is still an amazing promotion and a great chance for players to play in the WSOP without having to worry about their own money.

You will have to keep Stan James posted on your progress and wear Stan James clothing, but this is a small price to pay for a risk free event.

This truly is one of the best WSOP promotions I have seen at an online poker room in a long time. If you haven’t yet signed up at Stan James check out our step by step download guide to get started.

Taking advantage of the 100% first deposit bonus up to $1250, while trying to win one of these prize packages could be positive expected value for solid players!

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