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Teen Patti is an Indian card game with English origins. The term Teen Patti means "three cards" in Hindu, and it has its roots in the British card game known as Three Card Brag.

Ever Heard of Teen Patti? Your Introduction to Indian Poker

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Teen Patti is an Indian card game with English origins. The term Teen Patti means "three cards" in Hindu, and it has its roots in the British card game known as Three Card Brag. The British took this game with them when they colonized India, and it went on to become the most popular game in the country. Nowadays, thanks to the marvelous invention that we call the Internet, the game is now available at many online casinos and is very popular among poker fans. If you are new to this game, do not worry as we are going to tell you all that you need below.

Places to Play Teen Patti online

Due to how popular this game has become, you can now find Teen Patti online at several Indian casino sites. If you are reading this from within India, then you might be looking for the best Indian online casinos for you to play it at. There are many online casinos that are happy to accept Indian players nowadays, and quite a few of them offer you a chance to play Teen Patti online.

How the Game is Played

Teen Patti is played with a group of two to ten people and one 52-card deck - the jokers are not used for this card game. The game starts with all the players at the table deciding on what the ante is and adding it to the pot. The ante, for those of you are new to card games, is the minimum stake that players have to contribute in order to take part in a round. When everyone has placed their ante bet, the dealer will deal everyone three cards faced-down.

Then the game starts, with the person on the left of the dealer starting off proceedings. The first thing that you need to do is decide whether you are going to take a look at your cards or whether you are going to carry on blind. There is also the option of folding, but there really is no point in folding at the start when you do not know what cards you have.

If you decide to carry on blind, then you need to put at least the current wager and no more than double the current wager. The current wager for the next player will be whatever amount you put in. If you decide to look at your cards, then you need to bet at least double the current wager and no more than four times the current wager. In this case, the current wager for the player next in turn is half of what you bet.

The round continues like this until all, but one player has folded. In this case, the player left standing will win all of the money, regardless of the cards that they have. If all but two players at the table have folded, and one of these players pays for a show, then the two hands will be turned over and compared. The player that has the better hand will be declared the winner and take the pot.

Below we have listed the important rules for a show:

  • A show can only happen when there are just two players remaining
  • If you are blind, the cost to show is whatever the current wager is
  • If you are seen and your opponent is blind, you cannot ask to show - you can only carry on betting or drop out
  • If both are seen, you can pay twice the wager for a show

Hand Rankings

Just like in any card game, different hands will have different strengths. So, what are the best hands in Teen Patti? Below we have listed the different hands you can get from strongest to weakest.

Three of a kind: Three cards of the same value - three aces are the strongest, while three twos are the weakest.

Straight Flush: Three cards in a sequence of the same suit - A-2-3 is the strongest straight flush, while 4-3-2 is the weakest straight flush.

Straight: Three cards in a sequence but not of the same suit - A-2-3 is the strongest straight, while 4-3-2 is the weakest straight.

Flush: Three cards from the same suit - if both players at the end have flushes, then the player that has the high car will win.

Pair: Two cards with the same rank - if the pairs are the same value, then the third card will be the one that decides the winner. The strongest pair is A-A-K, while the weakest pair is 2-2-3.

No pair: If two players have the same high card, the player with the next highest card will be declare the winner.

Live Teen Patti

If you love to play live online casino games, then you will be excited to find out that there are many online casinos out there now that have Teen Patti as an option in their live casino. For those of you who are reading this that are new to the online gambling world, a live casino is a studio that has been set up to mimic a land-based one. Therefore, there will be a real-life dealer and the players you are playing with will be real too. You even have the option of speaking to your fellow players and the live dealer. All of the action is streamed to wherever you are, so you can get a realistic gaming experience without having to leave your home.

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