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Video poker, although available online, is also distinct from online poker. While video poker is played on slots machines (both in brick and mortar casinos as well as in online casinos), online poker is not.

Video Poker

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Although the starting point of gambling is traced back to 2300 BC in China, the origin of poker and the history of casinos remains unsettled. Poker has gained popularity since the beginning of the twentieth century from a game played by small groups to a spectator game with multi-million dollar prizes. Today, its exponential growth has made poker a popular fun-game that is even played professionally.

Video poker, is casino game based on five-card draw, is notably different from conventional poker; a gamer who is playing video poker focuses on the patterns of symbols, reaction time, and speed of play but for the conventional poker player, much attention is paid to the rival’s body language instead.

Playing Video Poker has its similarities and differences from conventional poker.

Video poker, although available online, is also distinct from online poker. While video poker is played on slots machines (both in brick and mortar casinos as well as in online casinos), online poker is not.

Video Poker

The question that begs is whether playing online video poker regularly can help improve your conventional poker skills. The answer is in the affirmative. Playing online video poker often helps boost your skills at playing poker. The reasons behind this assertion are traversed below.

Firstly, the basic rules of gameplay in online video poker are the same as the rules for playing conventional poker. As such, regularly playing online video poker makes you more familiar with the rules of conventional poker, thus boosting your skills thereof. This rules can be accessed from leading online slots’ sites (for example These rules can also be accessed at the many poker sites. It would be recommended to visit reliable slots and online casino reviews.

Secondly, the ideal strategies for playing online video poker and conventional poker are, by and large, similar. Video poker simply combines the thrill of playing on a slot machine with the strategy of conventional poker; perhaps this explains its widespread popularity. It goes without saying that playing online video poker regularly improves your gaming strategy in conventional poker.

Thirdly, the lingo regarding common terms in online video poker and the lingo used for conventional poker is arguably identical. For instance, the widely accepted words in the dictionary of poker allude to a similar meaning if used in either platform. These include: “inside straight” which means a hand already consisting four cards to a straight; whereby the card needed to make the hand is at the straight’s middle, “bankroll” which means the original sum of money that one has and intends to use with playing poker, and “bluff” which means betting, raising and going ahead to play a hand that is not likely to be the best in play. Proper bluffing is indeed an art and strategy that requires systematically guessing your opponent's ranges.

Internet casinos are highly applauded for their manifold advantages. These advantages of playing (say, video poker) in an online casino over playing conventional poker offline include:

Convenience. You can get entertained by gaming in an online casino in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to adhere to the common casino dress codes or to commute to a land-based casino. You are also not barred from activities like smoking while gaming online.

Greater games’ variety: Given that online casinos operate in the internet, it's safe to assume that you can access online any variety of video poker that you desire. Also, while a land-based casino may contain the best slot machine games, you’re likely to find a queue of other players ahead of you waiting to play that game forcing you to wait. On the other hand, even if a thousand players are playing your favourite game online you can still play it too.

Opportunity to play for free: In a bid to attract players, most internet casinos offer casino chips to play with free-of-charge as well as match-play casino deposits and bonus slot games. Prior to playing online slots for real money, it is prudent to engage in free practice available at various online casinos.

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