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There is something intrinsically appealing about video poker games. The game itself is fashioned off traditional 5-card draw poker where players are tasked with forming the best possible hand.

What Makes Video Poker Games So Exciting?

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There is something intrinsically appealing about video poker games. The game itself is fashioned off traditional 5-card draw poker where players are tasked with forming the best possible hand. Over the years, the number of players frequenting land-based poker rooms has steadily increased. Sadly, traditional poker rooms are a rarity nowadays and players are turning to video poker terminals in increasing numbers. The comfort and convenience of playing on a video poker machine – either online or at a land-based casino is tremendously exciting. For starters, online video poker games offer free-play games to players – making them much more alluring. By practicing for free before you wager for real, players can preserve their reserve and pick the games they want to play for real money.

Of course, there is a difference between holding a fistful of cards in your hand and competing against other players, versus the online video poker experience, or the video poker machine experience. In either case, there is no difference between a land-based video poker machine and an online video poker machine. Both run off random number generators (RNGs) with fully randomized outcomes governed by a computer algorithm. While there are certain benefits to face-to-face play, there are many limitations too. For starters, you cannot play 50 hands, or 100 hands at the same time.

Additionally, it’s difficult to always find a seat at a live poker table, not so with online video poker. Further, there is no need to wait an inordinate amount of time between hands since video poker machines deal the next hand immediately. And since anyone can practice video poker online for free, you don’t need to leave home to get started. Provided you’re from a fully regulated jurisdiction, you can practice for free and play for real at your leisure – on the go, or on your Mac, PC or gaming device. From an entertainment perspective, virtual video poker matches live poker every step of the way.

Video Poker vs. Video Slots

The comparison between video poker games and video slots games is a valid one. Both are played on gaming terminals, and players are not required to interact with other players with these games. While video poker may have an element of skill (in terms of forming the strongest hands), video slots games are a little different. Contrary to popular belief, video slots games do have a skill-based element involved.

However, the skills needed to succeed with video slots are based on selection and bankroll management. Players need to carefully pick their preferred video slots games in advance, so as not to select a game with unfavourable odds. The typical RTP on a video slot game ranges between 94% and 99% at online casinos. This means that a player can expect to win back $0.94 and $0.99 for every $1 that is wagered over the long-term. Video slots are negative expectation games. Players can win substantial payouts over the short-term however.

Tips for Being a Better Video Slots Player

The most important tip with video slots is the following: Pick your games carefully. The mega-money progressive jackpot games may offer the biggest prize pools, but they also have the lowest odds of winning. It’s the smaller jackpot games – the non-progressives and stand-alone progressives – that are best to play. Players will also do well to pick a classic slot game with 3 spinning reels and limited paylines as their preferred attraction.

Once you’ve chosen a game, practice in free play mode. That way you get to see how the game plays out in practice before you wager for real money. Then make your first deposit if a generous welcome bonus package is available to you. The bonus cash, or free spins can be used to generate winnings. The great thing about slots is that no skills are needed to play – simply wager the maximum per line on all lines and wait for the symbols to lineup.

Tips for Being a Better Video Poker Player

Video Poker is governed by rules. Each video poker game such as Jacks or Better, Deuces & Joker, Tens or Better, Double Double Bonus Poker, etcetera has a unique combination of potential payouts. It’s important that players understand what cards to hold, and what cards to fold. In this vein, video poker rulebooks, strategy guides, and bankroll management techniques can serve you well.

There are literally hundreds of video poker variants available, and it’s important to pick the games that offer the highest winning chances at wagers you can afford to play. Never chase your losses in either video poker or video slots games – rather set a bankroll budget and stick to it. If you have exhausted your budget, walk away with a smile on your face knowing that was for your entertainment pleasure. The whole point of video poker and video slots games is to have fun – make that your primary objective!

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