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Without a doubt, high rollers seek thrills. These people place mind-blowing bets without even knowing whether they would win or not. The thrill of it all is like no other, they say. And when a high roller loses, they lose big time.

Why High Rollers Prefer Playing in High Limit Casinos

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As you probably know, almost every renown gaming venue-be it land-based or online-has a room dedicated to high rollers. And yet, most venues are not incredibly enthusiastic when they come across a high roller. Some operators, however, have dedicated their venues to high rollers exclusively, catering their needs at all times.

Below, we will discuss what makes high limit casinos the perfect option for high rollers. But first, let us focus on what differentiates a high roller from a casual casino player.

To begin with, high roller casino players usually play online. However, they would make 10+ trips to a land-based venue each year. What is more, high rollers usually earn more than $175,000 annualy. When a high roller goes to a land-based venue, they expect top-class service. Last, but not least, high rollers represent a very small percentage of all gamblers. Nevertheless, they are highly valuable for casinos.

Why High Rollers Prefer High Limit Casinos

As we already mentioned, high limit casinos are those casinos specially designed to cater the needs of high rollers. What makes these venues preferred by high rollers is not only that they offer table games where betting huge amounts of money is possible, but they also feature various promotions and benefits for high rollers, and many more. Furthermore, high limit casinos offer attractive perks for their clients – perks which are not available at regular venues. In the following lines, you will find some high limit casino features which high rollers find particularly attractive.

Special Games Available

At most high limit casinos, high staking players can take advantage of one of many high limit games, including slots, video poker, and table games. Contrary to common belief, these games are nothing like the games that we, casual gamblers, are used to playing. Be prepared for unbelievably realistic graphics, immersive sound effects, and various effects.

Incidentally, most high rollers prefer live dealer table games in super casino sites. That is partly because exclusive slot games usually come with an inflated house edge.

Special Bonuses and Promotions

As we already commented, high limit casinos feature various promotions and bonus offers to their valuable clientele. Players usually take advantage of VIP programs, no deposit gifts, or match promotions. As with regular casino bonuses, high limit casino promotions expand players bankrolls.

Interestingly enough, some regular casinos featuring VIP promotions would make a player a member of that VIP club automatically, upon their depositing a certain (big) amount of money. Afterwards, players will be able to join high limit tables, and potentially win big.

As for match promotions, those are types of casino bonuses offered to high roller players. In essence, a player will receive the amount of their deposit as a bonus, and thus their bankroll will be doubled. Some venues offer bonuses that triple a players initial deposit.

Beware – high roller casino bonuses usually have substantially higher wagering requirements. In order to get the most from them, you should familiarise yourself with the wagering requirements.

Invitation To Private Events

Everyone knows that high limit casinos would buy tickets to top-class music shows, sports fixtures, threatre, etc. and give them away to the highest rolling of their high rollers. That is not all, though – some venues would also invite some friends to keep you company at the event, provide you with a transport, treat you delicious hordeuvres, and many more.

VIP support

Another great advantage of high limit casinos which high rollers adore is VIP support. Essentially, VIP support represents a dedicated personal host which will be available at the players disposal. Personal hosts work 24/7 to cater the needs of high rollers, assisting them whenever they need help.

Incidentally, high limit casino personal hosts may also offer luxury services. For example, they might help players arrange trips by purchasing plane tickets for them and booking hotels.

Unlimited Withdrawal And Deposit Options

Last, but not least, high rollers prefer high limit casinos because of the deposit and withdrawal options they offer. Usually, casinos have a cap on maximum deposit amounts, which means that players are not allowed to deposit whatever sum they desire. The same goes for withdrawals as well.

Well, things are not like that at high limit casinos. VIP support usually guides the player, helping them determine how much it is okay to deposit. More importantly, VIP support will help the player figure out how to withdraw their money, avoiding as many fees as possible.

As you can see, high limit casinos offer high rollers so many perks that it is natural for them to prefer such venues.

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