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Weekly Online Poker Update - December 30, 2014

Weekly Online Poker Update - December 30, 2014

The worldwide online poker cash game player count dropped by 1% this week, which wasn’t unexpected due to the holidays having people busy with celebrating and having less time to play poker.

Poker games

Poker games can be played in either cash games or tournament format. Even though cash games and tournaments have the same rules, at times they play entirely differently.

Poker Strategy

Great poker players are not born overnight, even the best poker players in the world usually started out as losing recreational players before they became poker superstars.

Cash games or tournaments?

What is the best start for a beginner: cash games or tournaments? Based on our personal experience the very first real money online poker experience should be at a cash game.

Real Money PokerStars Zoom Poker

Zoom Poker can be fun and exciting to play. But this game is definitely not recommended for the beginner players due to the high amount of action and little time to think about every decision that you take.

Real Money Poker Cash Games

In case you are a beginner player the number one thing that you will want to hit is the cash tables and since you have little to no experience playing you will probably want to stick to the small stakes games.

Building a Poker Bankroll

Building a Poker Bankroll is perhaps the most important aspect of a successful poker carrer. If you take poker seriously at all, then you need to have a poker bankroll.

Making money at poker

It's certainly true that one of the most exciting things about the game is the prospect of making good money, and even real good money, just by playing it.

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