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Poker Tournaments

If you have a passion for poker tournaments, the wide selection of Hold’em and Omaha poker tournaments in the tournament schedule of online poker rooms will keep even the most experienced online player busy!

Texas Holdem Hand Rankings

The Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud games are played using traditional poker rankings, with the player holding the highest ranking hand winning the pot.

Poker Odds

Learning how to calculate the odds and outs is an important factor in Texas Holdem. These calculations are very important factors to know in poker and knowing these statistics is essential for becoming a winning player.

Continuation Bet

A continuation bet continues your preflop aggression with a bet on the flop, regardless of the context of the flop. The idea is to let your opponent not draw out on you or to let your opponent fold a better hand.

Poker Position

Playing your position is a big factor in Texas Hold’em. The players who act last, in late position, have a great advantage over the other players sitting in earlier positions.

Avoiding Mistakes In Poker

All gambling mistakes costs you money and it’s a good idea to read on and learn from other people’s mistakes, unless you want mistakes to cost you your entire betting budget.

Top 5 Poker Mistakes

All gambling mistakes costs you money, and this is especially true for poker and online poker games. Check out top 5 poker mistakes every player should avoid.

The squeeze play

Squeeze play or squeezing is the process of raising a raiser and a caller who probably have weak hands from one of the blinds, usually the big blind.

Guy Laliberte

Laliberte’s passion extends to poker, and in spite of his vast wealth and business success, he is considered to be a professional poker player as well active both at the biggest live tournaments and at the highest stakes online.

Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree continues to be a regular fixture on the European poker scene and has had a total of 5 cashes at EPT events, and has amassed over 2 million dollars in career winnings thus far.

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