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Challenge the dealer in a game of poker

Today, people can challenge the dealer in a game of poker. A lot of people like the opportunity to play against the house as opposed to other poker players.

Fatima Moreira de Melo

It’s not hard to see how one could become easily distracted sitting across a table from famed poker star Fatima Moreira de Melo. As skilled and cunning as she is beautiful, de Melo is, at a minimum, a “triple threat” against her competition.

Secure your place in Rattlesnake Open poker championships

Among the plenty of poker providers around the web, and out of plenty of opportunities to compete against skillful opposition, clearly there is no shortage of poker action available. One occasion is happening right know, created by Global Poker and going by the charming name of Rattlesnake Open.

Pot Odds in Poker - The Crash Course

Many poker players find running pot-odds calculations mid-game a big hassle. Pot-odds are extremely important however. The best players use accurate pot-odds calculations on a regular basis.

Why High Rollers Prefer Playing in High Limit Casinos

Without a doubt, high rollers seek thrills. These people place mind-blowing bets without even knowing whether they would win or not. The thrill of it all is like no other, they say. And when a high roller loses, they lose big time.

5 Tips on How to Win at Video Poker

There are many advantages in choosing to play video poker over any other casino video game. There are some strategies available out there for you to help you master the game and win more cash.

A Beginners’ Guide to Playing Poker

Poker is a relatively easy game but margin of error is so small that a tiny detail may be the determinant of you winning or losing. Before you start playing poker at online casino or poker room, it’s important that you know all the basics about the game.

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

There is a lot of hype surrounding Las Vegas and for great reasons. Las Vegas is notoriously known for its gambling and casino lifestyle.

Best online poker rooms